Чешская сеть Master Burger открыла первый ресторан в Украине

First restaurant of the Czech chain ‘Master Burger’ has been opened in Kyiv

Kyiv shopping center ‘Dream Town’ fulfills its promise “to create Europe right under the windows of Kyivans”. The official opening of the first in Ukraine restaurant of the Czech ‘Master Burger’ chain will take place at the food court, which is located on the third floor of the shopping center tomorrow, on November 9.

“The technical opening took place on November 1. The general leased area occupied by the restaurant is 98 sq.m, including the seating area. In accordance with the ‘Dream Town’s’ reconception plan, the entire food court is now divided into separate zones for each restaurant in order to diversify the interior and nurture the atmosphere for visitors, – said Victoria Nesterenko, retail agent at the international real estate consulting company Cushman & Wakefield in Ukraine.

“This is only the first restaurant and the chain plans to actively expand throughout Ukraine. Another 10 eateries will be opened in Kyiv in the nearest future,” – she added.

Two important figures illustrate the popularity of ‘Master Burger’ in the Czech Republic: on average, 500 burgers are sold at each restaurant daily, and its market share among specialized burger restaurants reaches 80% in cities where the brand is represented.

The menu of the first ‘Master Burger’ in Ukraine is the same as in the Czech Republic, and it consists of 50 positions. Yaroslav Protsenko, Managing Director of the Ukrainian representative office, recommends starting with the “top sellers”. These are Pepper, Samuraj, Sunrise, Cheese and BBQ. Even if you ask to cook your own burger, the restaurant takes to complete your order in just 1 minute.

This is what makes the Master Burger concept special. “With all the complications that comes with individual cooking, speed is very important for fast food. The average cooking time for one burger is 1 minute, ”says Yaroslav Protsenko. – All burgers are served directly "from under the knife." No frozen subproducts are used. Each burger is checked by the employee responsible for cooking standards compliance before delivery to the client”.

Quality standards of ‘Master Burger’ fully comply with European standards – from temperature control to exceptionally fresh products and proven ingredients. The restaurant cares about the health of its customers and uses only wholesome ingredients, such as sea salt, gluten-free rolls, freshly caramelized bread and the uniquely designed sauce.

“Today, we are the only ones in Ukraine who are cooking restaurant-quality burgers in a fast-food. You can eat our burgers every day! The owners of ‘Master Burger’ have been eating in their restaurants for more than 7 years, and they look great. Our burgers are perfectly balanced, they contain a lot of salad, meat, vegetables, and some bread. If you want to eat delicious food without harm to your health in a modern world, – jste vítáni!” – invites Yaroslav Protsenko.

The restaurant is gradually switching to full automation, including placing an order without a cashier. Commercial-grade router will be installed here to provide visitors with stable wi-fi connection, and recharging leads.

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