Market research and development consultancy

Strategic investment advisory capability combined with detailed knowledge of all major markets.

Being the first international real estate consultancy established in Ukraine, we have an unprecedented database of historic market information. Our company benefits from deep local knowledge strengthened with international resources and global platform of the best world practice.

The level of analytical reports meets the standards and expectations of local and international investors, developers and occupiers, as well as financial institutions. We provide clients with credible data which helps to make informed decisions in real estate.

Please see the examples of regular public reports in section Research and Insights.


Our services

Research and analytics

  • Collection, monitoring and analysis of historical transaction and other property market data.
  • Generation of short and long term market demand and supply forecasts and pricing projections.
  • Publication of regular reports on the Ukrainian property market.


Development Consultancy

  • Analysis of urban structure (demographics, economic drivers, transport infrastructure, competitive and synergetic uses).
  • Client advice on tactical and strategic real estate decisions and urban planning policies.
  • Advice on project optimization and occupier targeting.
  • Site specific highest and best use analysis including feasibility studies and concept development.
Contact person
Marta Kostiuk
Marta Kostiuk
Head of Research and Development Consultancy
+38 (044) 299 30 00

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