The second phase of ‘Ostrov’ shopping and entertainment centre in Odessa has been enriched by the well-known brands

The opening of the second phase of shopping and entertainment centre ‘Ostrov’ in Odesa is scheduled for the end of the summer 2021. After the opening, the total area of the project will be 70,100 sq. m GBA, and 37,800 sq. m GLA.

‘Ostrov’ is the first shopping and entertainment centre in the southern capital that combines a unique central location, attractive architecture, and a modern concept. The project is located in the very heart of Odessa, in the historical part of the city. The Railway station, Bus station, ‘Privoz’ market, Starosinna square and the Zoo are located in project’s close proximity.

The structure of the SEC includes an active underground passage that leads directly to the shopping gallery, underground parking lot for 300 cars, and municipal parking spaces around the shopping centre.

Cushman & Wakefield, an international consulting company acting as the exclusive leasing agent of the SEC ‘Ostrov’, informed that recently there have been signed preliminary lease agreements with supermarket ‘Silpo’ (2,463 sq. m), Turkish retailer of clothing, footwear, and household goods ‘LC Waikiki’ (1,611 sq. m), a children's entertainment center (6,500 sq. m), a store of goods for education and creativity ‘Librarium’ (623 sq. m), a jewelry store ‘Zolotyi Vik’ (87 sq. m), a pharmacy chain ‘Apteka Gaevskogo’(77.4 sq. m).

In addition, the first floor of the mall will house lingerie stores of the Italian brands ‘Intimissimi’ and ‘Calzedonia’ (68 sq. m and 64 sq. m respectively). ‘Sportmaster’ store of goods for sports, tourism and active recreation will be presented in the project on an area of ​​1,477 sq. m.

Supermarkets of electronics and appliances ‘Foxtrot’ (1,819 sq. m) and ‘Eldorado’ (1,094 sq. m) that are working in the operating part of the shopping and entertainment center, will continue to work after the opening of a new phase.

Dmytro Dudar, senior agent of the retail agency and consultancy in Cushman & Wakefield Ukraine, told about the features of the ‘Ostrov’ shopping and entertainment center concept: “The advantages of the location, namely saturated pedestrian and traffic flows along the facade of the building, made it possible to focus on the efficient location of tenants within the project. For this purpose, each floor is assigned to a specific product category. Operators of the impulse group of goods: cosmetics, perfumery, jewelry, underwear and hosiery groups, as well as gifts and accessories will be located on the ground floor. Clothing stores will be located on the second floor, while sports and outdoor stores will be based on the third floor. The children's goods and shops for creativity will be located on the fourth floor; on the fourth floor, there will also be an entrance to the children's entertainment center, which will occupy the entire fifth floor of the second phase of the mall. This filling strategy will have a positive impact on the attendance of each floor since the critical depth and variety of assortments will be reached.”

Oksana Krashunskaya, director of the ‘Ostrov’ shopping and entertainment centre, said that construction work at the Project is proceeding in accordance with the previously agreed schedule and the internal work is already underway. “We have not stopped the construction for a single day. I would like to express my gratitude to our tenants, with whom we have already signed preliminary agreements or are at the stage of contracts’ negotiating. Despite the difficult times, companies continue to evolve and are ready to strengthen our Project with their brands. As for us, we strive to create all the technical possibilities for the implementation of the best concepts of our partners' stores,” said Oksana Krashunskaya.

Ostrov Ostrov Ostrov Ostrov

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